3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! is a part of the OLX Group powered by OTOMOTO. Together with OTOMOTO, 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! would like to transform the second-hand car market in Poland, to make the sales process simpler, faster, and more comfortable for consumers. To achieve their goal 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! has introduced a new way of selling second-hand cars that includes a free and safe car inspection as well as fair cost estimation.


To attract new users 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! has reached out to MADOGZ requesting creative graphic designs using the common internet phenomenon of memes and punchline jokes. The goal was to use those to present the key benefits of the user experience that focuses on the time of sales, safety, speed of the process and as a result create disruption relying on RTB’s, rather than long term effects.

What MADOGZ did:

The response from MADOGZ included a stream of ideas using the current online meme context, familiar to Polish consumers. However to go beyond the clients request the team prepared a holistic out of the box proposal, not only basing on creative graphic designs, but adding separate threads of communication using different media types, which were connected by the common goal of raising awareness of the platform benefit. The activity was executed on Facebook and on Instagram.

MADOGZ opinion:

We’ve been cooperating  with 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! for quite a while. It is always satisfying when the Client comes back to the Agency because of the mutual trust and willingness to work together. The success of this campaign has initiated long term activities.

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director



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