Otomoto.pl is an unquestionable leader of automotive platforms market. The service is used by almost 8 million internet users per month. OTOMOTO’s strength is its database of several hundred thousand adverts, from cars through motorbikes, agricultural and construction machinery to their parts. We have decided to use this strength and search for inspiration and true stories of cars and their owners precisely among those adverts. This is how the idea for reportages on a series called “Prawdziwe Historie” was born; they will present the unique stories behind the cars and their owners.


Each part of the „Prawdziwe Historie” series has to be unique as a snowflake, that is why the fifth episode had to be as interesting and viral as the first one. Still we had to bare in mind that the whole idea is based on real cars and human stories behind those vehicles so the scouting proces for the new hero was quite a challange!

The Hero:

When scouting for a vehicle for the fifth episode we found a car and a story that was truly amazing! First of all the car, an American Dream – the Cadillac Eldorado IX, a car brand with more than 100 years of heritage. We do not find these cars on Polish roads quite often, especially in this condition! Second of all, the story, mother-in-law, son-in-law and their common passion for cars that made America famous! Isn’t it a beginning of a great story?

What MADOGZ did:

While preparing the concept of “Prawdziwe Historie”, we knew that it could not be contained in a 30-second spot. This is why we opted for a documentary style, which not only allowed us to tell the complete story but also maintained an appropriate narrative pace so that the viewer had time to empathise with the emotions of the characters. The format we chose – a two-minute-long piece – additionally emphasized the authenticity of the told story. Everything the viewer sees on screen, from the Cadillac’s owner through her home to the picteresque landscape is 100% true. You can watch the whole episode on YouTube or Vimeo. No actors, no casting, no script, just real people telling their true stories!

To make a bigger impact we also launched a dedicated competition for Mother’s Day, as the episode was celebrating this special date during the year! We asked kids to draw the best car for their mom, the competition took place on the leading parenting sites in Poland – MamaDu.pl. To make it more intriguing we decided to make the kid’s drawing alive and made furry, soft toys out of each winning drawing! Super cute <3


The fifth part of the series brought thousands of positive reactions in the form of comments from internet users as well as sent drawings for the Mother’s Day competition. The posts on the Cadillac’s story achieved the amazing results in terms of engagement and views among all the creatives prepared in social media by OTOMOTO in Q2 2023.



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