Candy stands for intelligent ideas that will make your everyday life easier: the full range of integrated products and unique solutions. Always providing the best value for money, Candy creates affordable and easy-to-use technology for various household products. Design, attention to detail and a strong focus on smart, modern and relaxed lifestyle is what makes Candy’s Italian style so unique.


Candy wanted to emphasise the innovative solutions implemented in the Rapido line of its waching machines: 9 fast and efficient programmes, and a unique Snap&Wash function which allows the washing machine to select the most suitable wash programme based on a photo taken with a smartphone and processed by the Candy Simply-Fi app. In addition to product benefits, the creative concept had to stand out and carry a strong emotional charge.

What MADOGZ did:

MADOGZ proposed a creative concept “Top of the class” whose construction both provided the emotional tone (father-daughter relation) as well as highlighted all the product benefits required by the client. The agency prepared 30- and 15-second-long TV spots, which were broadcast in national and thematic stations of the Polsat and TVN groups, and in the Internet. As part of online activity, creatives appeared on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube as well as the in the Google browser.

CLIENT’S opinion:

Candy is a brand which truly believes in storytelling therefore  we wanted to present a real, life based narrative in our newest TV ad. We asked MADOGZ for help and after a few itterations we finally found the idea which was perfect for us building both functional and emotional bond with the consumers. In the end, the new campaign overdelivered the results we estimated in the beginning.

Michał Cholewa, Marketing Manager, Haier Group


The idea for the spot is a result of our life and personal experience. The protagonist is dad who will do anything for his daughter, nothing is impossible for him, even if he is pushed for time because he is just getting ready to go to work. He can handle the plait and when faced with waching the beloved cuddly toy, the intelligent washing machine comes to his rescue. Just one picture in the app, the waching machine sets the fast programme and the day is saved.

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director at MADOGZ


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