Continental continues to develop breakthrough technologies and services for sustainable transportation development of people and goods. Started in 1871 technology company delivers safe, intelligent and efficient solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021 the amount of sales reached about 33,8 billion euro. Continental has a number of 190 00 employees in more than 58 countries. In October 2021 the company had it’s 150 anniversary.


Brands in the tyre category continue to communicate in the same way, each and every one of us has the picture in our mind of a tyre on a picturesque snowy landscape but no one really remembers which brand was it. In the end consumers do not remember key parameters of the tyre which are crucial when it comes to justify premium prices of Continental products. That is why our task was to make consumers listen carefully about quality advantages of Continental!

What MADOGZ did:

To educate on tires we decided to create a new online video type – an online sitcom!

We’ve built 2 characters, a tough guy which represented the brand and a wimp who knew nothing about cars and tires. Conrad, the tough guy, represents the brand values which are super visible and recognizable when confronting Jacuś – the wimp. By creating such a duo we made a short but sexy online sitcom, which not only made people laugh but mainly educated on Continental tires on a funny and accessible way. The relation between the two gave us the possibility to create 3 stories already and new ones are coming up!

MADOGZ have produced 2 main videos, the hero ad and the explainer in which our characters explained the benefits of Continental tires in an even more simple matter. You can watch the hero spot here and the explainer video on our VIMEO page.



MADOGZ opinion:

Producing the first episode of Conrad&Jacuś was a great journey for us! In advertising it is super crucial to communicate the products well but what I personally find important, it’s recykling the well known entertaining vehicles that people already know and love! That’s why we reached out for a solution which was already tested by all the TV stations around the world – sitcoms! By joining the format of sitcom with the brand’s message we delivered a super capacious communication platform which perfectly fulfills Continental needs!

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director @ MADOGZ


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