Czwórka Polskie Radio

Czwórka is one of the radio stations dedicated to the younger audience. Czwórka focuses mainly on alternative music and cultural auditions. They also co-organize the festival – Czwórka Radio Stage – where top Polish artists (well-known and debutants) are performing their live concerts.


Czwórka wanted to create a new online documentary in which they would present up to 10 music genres from the past of electronic music.

The challenge for the agency was to come up with an engaging idea of documentary videos which would also include a brief history of each genre.

All videos had to be consistent with each other because they needed to be published as episodes of one story called “Definicja Brzmienia”.

What MADOGZ did:

In response to the request from Czwórka, MADOGZ has decided to propose animated video documentaries in cooperation with top-notch experts from the Polish Radio – music journalists Norbert Borzym and Kamil Jasieński.

We’ve finally created 9 videos – around 3 minutes each – which were published on social media (YouTube and Facebook) and attracted a wide group of people. The whole series was uber engaging and brought up a lot of new information and curiosities about such genres as: house, techno, trance or trip-hop.

MADOGZ opinion:

Cooperation with Czwórka was such a pleasure! We had some really great talks on music and how we perceive it when producing the first episode, finally our work together has become very smooth so the production of the whole series went really well. As an agency (and I personally!) found out a lot about music genres and their origins. I hope that we will have an opportunity to work together on further projects.

Kasia Bielińska, Managing Producer


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