GASPOL is the leader of the liquid gas market in Poland. The company provides modern solutions based on LPG used in areas that are not connected to the natural gas network.

GASPOL has three transshipment terminals in Poland, six liquid gas bottling plants and a fleet of specialized tanks for LPG and LNG transport, as well as an extensive distribution network including, among others over 20 thousand points of sale.

The main shareholder of GASPOL is the company SHV Energy – the world leader in the LPG market, which provides energy solutions for over 30 millions of people in Europe, Asia, North and South America.


The main goal of the campaign was to encourage customers to replace old and inefficient coal-based heat sources with modern, effective and environmentally friendly liquefied gas installations provided by GASPOL and co-financed under the national the Clean Air programme.

What MADOGZ did:

The agency executed lead generation campaign supporting sales of household liquefied gas installations. The agency prepared several creative lines referring to emotions – concern for family health and environment, elimination of sources of smog from the neighbourhood and executed a performance marketing campaign targeting potential customers.

MADOGZ opinion:

I have to admit that the whole campaign was quite a challenge for us. Sales of household liquefied gas installations on SOME was something we never did before and it was obviously a new territory to manage. Thanks to deep strategic insights we created various creative approaches based on behavioural data of Poles. Based on that, we launched A/B testing campaigns and finally crafted the best lead generating ads which finally were responsible for 90% of conversion during the campaign. In the end we managed to lower the cost of lead by 50% comparing to last year!

Paweł Ostrowski, Strategy Director


% decrease in lead cost vs last year
% of target achieved


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