For over 30 years HAIER has used its evergy and experience to develop the best household appliances to satisfy our most demanding clients. Since 1984, our company has evolved adapting to the changing requirements of the modern world and today’s consumers, based on its core values of quality and reliability, which allows us to offer excellent, innovative and modern products.


HAIER wanted to raise awareness of its kitchen products, the Warycook synchronised hood with an induction hob, an oven equipped with a thermosensor, and a catalogue of 350 recipes.

What MADOGZ did:

With the slogan “5-star (restaurant) dishes” MADOGZ proposed a new advertising campaign for HAIER. It promotes a line of kitchen appliances which, thanks to the use of the cutting-edge technology, will allow everyone to feel like a real chef in their own home. The focal point of the campaign is a 30-second spot, which shows a father and his son preparing a surprise dinner for his mother on her way home from work.  

CLIENT’S opinion:

In our latest campaign we want to introduce consumers to the world of HAIER kitchen appliances. They are characterised not only by elegant design, which makes them an ideal addition to a stylish kitchen, but also innovative solutions, which serve consumers and make their life easier.

Michał Cholewa, Marketing Manager, Haier Group


We wanted to emphasise that cooking with HAIER is child’s play, even with demanding dishes. That is why we proposed a scenario where, by reversing the stereotypical social roles, a father and son prepare a complex dish of roasted duck. During the whole process they use all the equipment of the HAIER line in order to serve a dish like from a 5-star restaurant in the comfort of their own home.

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director MADOGZ


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