Matflix is a dedicated math e-learning platform for secondary school students’ available in a mobile application on App Store and Google Play.

Built in an intuitive way, the student only has to make a photo of a mathematical equation from their text book to get a full step-by-step solution in the app.

By following the equation on every step students can easily learn how to solve new mathematical problems every day.


As Matflix was designed to help secondary school students in Poland, the core target group (14-17 y.o.) was present on various online platforms and not so easy to reach, especially because this particular group wasn’t very liable for traditional marketing approaches.

Matflix also had very ambitious goals and wanted to reach 20 000 new users in just 3 months after launching in January 2020. The goal of the campaign was to create a well designed strategy for a very specific target group and catchy creatives which will bring app installations on monthly basis.

What MADOGZ did:

MADOGZ agency was responsible for preparing the whole communication strategy, where after conducting the survey amongst the target group we discovered that there is a lot of tension in the area pupil vs teacher. Basically, pupils do not like their teachers very much 😊

To spice up the creatives based on that insight we decided to hire 2 consultants aged 16 and 17 to help us create the best possible content ever!
Thanks to their input we created a set of cheeky creatives aiming at the tension in pupil vs teacher relationship.

Finally we launched a full scale mobile campaign on Facebook and Instagram, where we also were responsible for the performance marketing part.

CLIENT’S opinion:

As a new startup on a truly demanding market we needed an agency with guts and non-traditional approach to digital marketing. MADOGZ was definitely the right choice, because their strategic angle and creative solution brought results we never even thought of! We gave them loads of freedom when deciding which creatives to put online and that client-2-agency relation was the best one I can imagine.

Jan Foryś, Co-founder Matflix

MADOGZ opinion:

Launching Matflix was a great journey for us, especially because we’ve never prepared comms for such a young audience. It took us some time to prepare data on how the audience consumes digital media and how to convince them to start using Matflix. In the end our approach and input delivered by external consultants exceeded results given by the client.

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director



Category: Mobile Marketing

Project: launching new app on the market – Matflix – an educational mobile application that helps solving math problems for primary school students. We managed to gather more than 30,000 new users during the whole campaign!


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