OleOle.pl is one of the biggest online stores in Poland which started operating in 2008. The brand belongs to pure player category and is super well known because of their pricing policy (low prices focus), safety and free delivery. Shop’s offer includes electronics, home appliances, laptops, TV’s and tools.


OleOle wanted to reach out to their SOME audience with a strong message on offered benefits like low prices and free delivery. The task also included using the brand hero called “Wielki Ole” but – in a non standard way.

What MADOGZ did:

To fully deliver on Client needs we decided to merge 2 creative paths. Number one – we re-wrote everybody’s favourite folk song “Ore Ore” – super popular on weedings and folk festivals (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql_OD7tU68c) into a electronic-buying-focused anthem. Number two – we decided to reach out to a well know online satirist and comic author – Papryk Vege (https://www.facebook.com/paprykvegeprezentuje) who is best known for creating a parody series of webcomics depicting famous movie titles in a outrageous & mocking way.

With these two super powers combined we created an online video, where the brand hero drawn by Papryk Vege invites the consumer into a super-daub dance, where buying electronics from OleOle.pl is the best choice ever! Well know folk melody with re-written lyrics is all about the brand, the brand’s name (OleOle) is mentioned more than 8 times during a 30 second video. All crucial benefits were mentioned – plus we managed to put some extra as well.

MADOGZ opinion:

We brought the Client a perfect creative solution which was the best fit for their needs. The strength of this video is it’s simplicity, the melody and the chorus of our ad are easily remembered – like your favourite song from the past which you hum when taking a shower. Once heard, it will stay in your head forever!

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director



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