3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! is a part of the OLX Group powered by OTOMOTO. Together with OTOMOTO, 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! would like to transform the second-hand car market in Poland, to make the sales process simpler, faster, and more comfortable for consumers. To achieve their goal 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! has introduced a new way of selling second-hand cars that includes a free and safe car inspection as well as fair cost estimation.


While the brand grew and expanded in Poland, online communication was not enough to build required recognition so 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! decided to move on and launch a nationwide awareness campaign. The next step in marketing activities was entering a new touchpoint – radio – which is the most popular one amongst the key target group, drivers.

Radio commercials are mainly full off  pharmaceutical and electromarket ads which are extremely loud and the consumer is overloaded with screaming actors during commercial breaks. The challenge was to communicate the benefits of 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! in a totally new, creative way different from all the other ads available on air.

What MADOGZ did:

Our assumption was that a good radio ad should tell a story which is addictive for the consumer. That is why we decided to make a much longer creative – a 60 second long radio ad, that is twice the time of a usual one frequently heard on air.

When having a minute available for the message we had space for a totally new creative vehicle, an ad which imitates an audiobook!

To make the ads even better we decided to cooperate with one of the most recognizable voices in Poland – Wiktor Zborowski, who decided to help us with the campaign.

Each of the ads was a different literary genre, we started from a horror story and ended up with a novel of manners. All together we produced four various ads, each of them with a totally new story about how 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! can make your car selling process easier and faster!

MADOGZ opinion:

Audiobooks with Wiktor Zborowski are a thing we are truly proud of! Those ads are completely different from the ones we hear during a commercial break, they send a totally new vibe – they’re peaceful and calming and of course tell the story about 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE! in detail! Wiktor Zborowski is an icon of Polish acting so as a lecturer of our ads he was the perfect choice!

Tomasz Pastuszka, Creative Director @ MADOGZ

CLIENT opinion:

We truly wanted to create a creative radio platform which will be totally different from other shouting-based radio ads.We wanted our ads to be a peaceful reposal for the listener and also to show our partner based relation with the clients. Based on the agency reco we decided to choose a very unparalleled, long format. To make it even more attractive we decided to cooperate with Wiktor Zborowski, one of the most popular and noted Polish actors. MADOGZ agency prepared the ideas and scripts for 4 different ads, each one of them has the vibe of an audiobook. What is also crucial, each ad is a different client based story in a form of a literary genre. The first ad we aired was a horror story, the next one was a love story and finally we ended the series with a novel of manners. What’s great about the platform, new ads are already coming up!

Aleksandra Rekowska, Senior Marketing Communication Specialist @ 3-2-1 SPRZEDANE!



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